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Inauguration: Nigerians are losing hopes, feeling helpless – Onaiyekan

John Cardinal Onaiyekan

Oniayekan, who gave the message titled ‘Let us choose life, not death (Deuteronomy 30:19)’ during the ongoing presidential inauguration interdenominational church service at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, called for spiritual reflection for the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Among those in attendance are the Vice President and his wife, Mrs Dolapo Osinabjo, and Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu.

He said, “The last election left thick clouds of acrimony that have yet to clear. This is no time for celebration of victory or defeat (of political opponents). Rather, it is time to pull our efforts together to tackle the serious challenges before us.

“For positive change to take place, we must all be ready for a sincere change of heart from the highest to the lowest level but especially at the highest level. Bare-faced boasts and empty denials cannot build the nation.

“The Lord Jesus tells us that the truth will set us free. Our nation is not in a state to rejoice. Such wide socio-economic disparity has led to widespread anger, tension and outright criminality in the land. All is not well. But all is not lost.”

According to the cardinal, as Nigerians embrace a new term of government, it should be a time to change habits of governance.

Onaiyekan stated, “Our ethnic diversity is God’s will and God’s gift that we ought to celebrate. In our emerging global world, we should be building on our long experience of living together along ethnic lines.

“Many are abandoning faith in God at great costs to humanity now and in the future. If this is to translate into a righteous nation, we must all seek the will of God for true human relations.

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