Biafra: Real reason we ordered May 30 as sit-at-home – IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has explained that it ordered a sit-at-home for its members to serve as a reminder to the “overlords in Nigeria” that IPOB members and people of the South-East are united in the quest to actualize Biafra.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful on Monday, the secessionist group reiterated its resolve to observe the May 30 sit-at-home order.

IPOB warned that the arrest and threatening of its members won’t stop the sit-at-home order or hinder the actualisation of the sovereign state of Biafra.

The statement reads: “We the indomitable IPOB family worldwide wish to remind the Nigerian army, police and their collaborators within and without, that threats, lies, propaganda, misinformation, arrests, torture, illegal detention, a corrupt complicit judiciary only serve to strengthen our resolve to restore Biafra not diminish it. But one thing is guaranteed, the day of reckoning will come when heaven and earth cannot contain the rage of the oppressed. On that day every person or persons that ever partook in the persecution of IPOB will pay dearly for it, them and their families.

“Biafraland is under siege today, with hundreds kidnapped on a daily basis by an army that capitulated in front of Boko Haram and are actively supporting the ethnocentric campaign of genocide against non-Fulani populations in the Middle Belt. We have resolved to make every sacrifice needed to ensure Biafra is liberated therefore we are prepared for this wave of onslaught against IPOB.

“We are consoled by the fact that the whole world is taking stock of what IPOB is being forced to endure because a time will come when the hunter will become the hunted.

“Biafra remembrance day celebration is on Thursday 30th of May and Biafrans must not come out on that day. It will serve as a reminder to the overlords in Nigeria that we Biafrans are united in our quest to be free from the iniquitous bondage called Nigeria.

“IPOB is a disciplined movement that cannot abdicate its obligation to the dead. We owe it to our fallen heroes and heroines to honour them in the finest traditions of IPOB on May 30th. No matter how many troops they deploy on our streets or how many people they kill or arrest, Biafraland will be locked down on that fateful day.

Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President has said the problem of extreme poverty in Nigeria gives him sleepless nights.

Osinbajo lamented at a dinner and interactive session with faculty members of the Harvard Business School (HBS) on Tuesday, in Lagos.

He claimed, “I think what keeps me up at night has to do with extreme poverty; the issue is that the largest number of those who vote for us are the very poor.

“The promises that government makes to them is that their lives will be better and obviously they are looking at their lives being better in the shortest possible time.

“I will like to see Nigeria being an industrialised nation in the next 10 years; a very strong middle class and most people living above poverty line.

“If you are going to do business anywhere in Africa, it has to be Nigeria.

“This is where you have the energy; you have the drive.

“We are already seeing that kind of activity; business people will always be driven by profit.

“Talent will always go in the direction where it is best rewarded; one can’t afford to be sentimental about that.

“As people see that the environment is getting better for business, they will come back; the opportunities for making huge profits are here.

“Practically everything we are doing in to ensure that there is an environment for business to thrive. People are leaving but people are coming back.’’

Apart from existing laws, the Governor-elect said that he would sponsor executive bills in the state House of Assembly that would encourage special skills for children of the state.

Ihedioha said this in a statement issued in Owerri, the state capital on Monday by his media aide, Chibuike Onyeukwu, on the occasion of this year’s Children’s Day celebration.

He said that government must make committed efforts towards promoting the welfare of the Nigerian child.

The statement read partly, “He noted that children are special gifts from God that must be deliberately nurtured in order to actualize their full potentials to realize their dreams and develop the state, adding that children embody the hopes for sustainable development beyond our generation.

“The Governor-elect pointed out that no responsible society could afford to toy with the welfare of her children.

“He maintained that the wellbeing and development of children will be a priority under his watch as Governor of the state, as this is the only way to guarantee lasting socio-economic stability of the State.

“Ihedioha in the message emphasized that his government will implement extant laws as well as sponsor Executive Bills that will seek to improve and realize his policies and programmes for the children.”

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