Popular prophetess found dead on Abakaliki road


The Ebonyi Police Command says Police authorities are working to unravel the cause of death of a popular prophetess in Ebonyi, who was found dead along Ezza Road, Abakaliki, recently.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Police Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Loveth Odah, who briefed journalists in Abakaliki on Tuesday on the incident, said that investigation was ongoing to ascertain the woman’s actual cause of death.

According to police report, the deceased, Mrs. Felicia Agwu, a native of Uburu, Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, was found dead along Ezza Road area of Abakaliki.

Agwu was a popular prophetess in one of the new generation churches, while her ministry was located in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi.

“A woman in her early 50s was found lying lifeless along the Ezza Road axis of Abakaliki on May 18, when a good-spirited Nigerian called the attention of the Command, which quickly mobilised to the scene.

“Our men got to the scene, took the woman to the hospital, where she was confirmed dead by a medical expert.

“The cause of her death is yet unknown, but we have launched investigation to ascertain the real cause of her death.

“There were no injuries found on her body to establish a case of criminal attack on the deceased, so, for now, we are having a case of ‘sudden’ death until we conclude our investigation.

“We implore the family of the deceased and the public with vital information that might help the Police in their investigation to contact the Command,” Odah said.


The reward, at the end of the day is that the most deserving Housemate gets position of Head of House.

As simple as this task might sound, there would have been severe consequences if they don’t select a Head of House before lights out.

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At the end of the first stage KimOprah had 4 Peebles, Mike had 5, Jackye: 2, Jeff: 1, Tacha:6, Diane: 3, Omashola: 6, Khafi: 8, Gedoni: 1, Mercy: 10, Ike: 8, Seyi: 7, Thelma: 5, Nelson: 8, Frodd: 6, Sir Dee: 2, Ella: 2 and Esther: 3. However, Tuoyo was disqualified from the game for touching the peebles.

With these results, Mercy, Ike, Khafi, and Nelson moved to the next stage. The next stage involved the housemates forming a tower with cookies. This game began at the sound of the buzzer and ended in 2 minutes. The twist to this stage was that all cookies were to remain standing after 30 seconds.

At the end of the game, Mercy had 11 cookies standing, Ike also had 11 cookies standing firm in the towers. Khafi had 8 cookies on the tower at the end of the game. Nelson also had 11 cookies which led to a tie.

The tie led to the three remaining housemates playing the game all over again for a final winner. At the end of the game Ike and Nelson ended the game in a tie again after placing 16 cookies each in their towers.

At the end of another one intense minute, Nelson scored 15 over Ike’s 13 peebles making him become the second ‘Head of House’ of the BBNaija season 4. The peaks that comes with this victory includes 250 Bet9ja coins, the Head of House room and a special package waiting for him in the room.

Mad man and normal man

Fashion and Madness


Fashion and Madness; How we got this far

Mad man and normal man Before starting this discourse, it is very important for us to properly examine the concept of fashion itself. Fashion is a popular style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior. What this means is that fashion can be expressed in the way we dress, how we style our hair and the way we behave. However., in this discourse, we shall be limiting the scope to the dressing alone.
As universal citizens, we would agree that fashion has come a long way; from the days when wearing baggy jeans was fashionable to the days when wearing sharkskin pants was considered having a unique sense of fashion. There was even a time when skinny jeans were fashionable. It is also important before going into this discourse to know that although everyone has a right to wear anything he or she wishes, there is equally a very important part moderation has to play in all things
However, in recent times, it has been discovered that the sense of moderation, in dressing has been lost. Take an example of an average mad man on the street. What are his typical features;
Tattered tops, torn pants, sometimes he’s without shoes and when he does have shoes, they’re torn. Let’s ask ourselves, is that not the similitude of what fashion has become today? Well, in my opinion, Yes! Some years ago, what did we consider being fashionable as concerning dressing; in men, a shirt or t-shirt, with sneakers or corporate shoes as the case may be while in ladies, a simple blouse with skirt or trousers as the case may be. However, as this so-called ‘woke generation’ has evolved, we have substituted modesty for madness as people now wear outrageous dresses. In fact, some have taken it to the extremes of stepping out of their houses almost naked (I’m pretty sure that the images are already forming in your head already).

After examining this, the question we need to ask ourselves is how have we gotten this far? The first point of call is the family; yes, the family. The family as one of the most important institutions of socialization has a great responsibility when it comes to fashion and they have irrevocably failed. Although, there are some people who willingly go perverse, a lot of people most of the time, have a family problem when it comes to how they dress.

Indeed, a lot of families today, have failed in their responsibility of instilling the values of modesty in their kids when it comes to their fashion choices. By implication, when these ones grow, they begin to dress like mad men thereby circulating the ‘madness syndrome’ In the society.

In fact, some families and indeed mothers as pillars of the home, buy these abominable dresses for their children and wards from when they are little. What this does is that it damages the value system of these kids making them feel that it is until when they dress as mentally deranged persons that they have attained the peak of fashion.

The ripple effect of this is that, first it corrupts the society as it makes all sense of modesty and morality to collapse; makes the tendency for rape, in ladies higher and consequently takes away the sense of sanity in everyone.