The mother of two who vehemently denied undergoing the surgeon’s knife, in a witty chat with Sunday Scoop revealed the secret of her ‘banging body.’ Omobutty who revealed that God is responsible for her sexy shape, replied the question of “How have you been able to maintain this sexy shape?” by saying “It’s God”.

While stating earlier that the shape she possesses is no man’s business, the actress wrote on Instagram:

“I’m shaking my head for people using Ibruprofen for someone else’s pain. My shape, stature, body is mine and my Boo’s headache, not anybody’s, biko all the stature advisers, Enough! Na who skinny help? Am I going for a beauty pageant, or did my doctor’s report state unhealthy?

“Any uncomplimentary comments about my body henceforth should be kept as personal opinion not to be stated here on my page, thanks blockmode activated, no room for cyber bullying,”

Majority of the Nollywood actresses and other Nigerian celebrities have been accused of going under the knife to alter the shape of their body.”