Nelson Wins Week 2 Head Of House Title For Bbnaija 2019


This week’s head of house challenge was more in interesting and intense, unlike the last week where the head of house was elected.

Nelson after an 7 minutes challenge defeated the other 19 housemates to become this week’s head of house.

The reward, at the end of the day is that the most deserving Housemate gets position of Head of House.

As simple as this task might sound, there would have been severe consequences if they don’t select a Head of House before lights out.

The Head of House gets the honour of sitting on the Head of House Seat, a Badge and 250 Bet9ja Coins. The Head of House also enjoys the luxury of a tastefully furnished Head of House Bedroom.

At the end of the first stage KimOprah had 4 Peebles, Mike had 5, Jackye: 2, Jeff: 1, Tacha:6, Diane: 3, Omashola: 6, Khafi: 8, Gedoni: 1, Mercy: 10, Ike: 8, Seyi: 7, Thelma: 5, Nelson: 8, Frodd: 6, Sir Dee: 2, Ella: 2 and Esther: 3. However, Tuoyo was disqualified from the game for touching the peebles.

With these results, Mercy, Ike, Khafi, and Nelson moved to the next stage. The next stage involved the housemates forming a tower with cookies. This game began at the sound of the buzzer and ended in 2 minutes. The twist to this stage was that all cookies were to remain standing after 30 seconds.

At the end of the game, Mercy had 11 cookies standing, Ike also had 11 cookies standing firm in the towers. Khafi had 8 cookies on the tower at the end of the game. Nelson also had 11 cookies which led to a tie.

The tie led to the three remaining housemates playing the game all over again for a final winner. At the end of the game Ike and Nelson ended the game in a tie again after placing 16 cookies each in their towers.

At the end of another one intense minute, Nelson scored 15 over Ike’s 13 peebles making him become the second ‘Head of House’ of the BBNaija season 4. The peaks that comes with this victory includes 250 Bet9ja coins, the Head of House room and a special package waiting for him in the room.

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