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Tired? Here is How to Sustain Your Motivation to Achieve Your Goals.

“I can do it!!” said Tayo, a fat lady in her 20s looking like a woman in her early 30s.

“I’m gonna lose weight this month” asserted Tayo alacritously. Tayo had just finished reading a self help book. The book was inspirational and an enthusiasm booster. Tayo took the membership of a gym the next day.

With so much alacrity in her, Tayo started attending her gym class regularly. But as time passed by, little by little, like a silent drop of water, Tayo began to lose enthusiasm. And alas, Tayo stopped her gym membership after just a month. Nothing changed! Tayo is still the same “fat Tayo”. Hmmmm!

Such is the case of many people globally. In this generation of ours, we have countless motivational speeches, TED talks, videos, pep talks among many other mediums. However, we don’t really many mountain movers, game shakers and indispensable valuable people. Many people despite reading countless books don’t take actions. Even if they do, they don’t have the ability to sustain it.

We have the weapon (motivation), but we don’t have the energy to sustain the weapon. What a tragedy!!

Goals are easy to set but hard to reach. and maintaining your motivation is everything you need to achieve these goals.

Goal is the core to successful motivation. For motivation to be successful, goals need to be specific. Goals also need be:

  • • Specific – “I want to be rich” is not specific. I want to make #5 million is specific. I want to make #5 million in the next 5 years is very specific. And when goals are specific, you will be compelled to meet up with the deadline. This will sustain motivation.
    • Difficult but attainable – None of the greatest human goals have been easy. We seem to be hard wired to rise to a challenge. Studies have shown that people are more successful attaining difficult goals than easy ones. So if you want to sustain the motivation to achieve your goals, set “difficult” goals.
    • – Accepted – this applies to goal setting for others. You really can’t set a goal than isn’t accepted by your staff, your partner or your family. When one needs feedback/motivation from his family, it will be in lack if earlier the goal is not accepted by his family.
    • – Feedback and evaluation is critical to goal success. It must be provided when goal is achieved. Rewards help. Whether it’s a financial reward (bonus), or a personal reward. Rewards really help sustain motivation.

The mood of finally achieving your goal after sustaining motivation.

The above steps are not to be read listlessly. Following them judiciously, I assure, will lead to motivation sustainment and goal achievement. Sustain your motivation,
Achieve your goals👌.


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