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The Panic of Growing Older

Olaiya Oluwatobi

“Bayo read” when you get to the University, there’s so much time to flex, to party; don’t worry” is that not what we’re all told when were younger? Was it not the anticipation of futuristic enjoyment and peace that spurred us on to strive, to read, to struggle?

Now some of us are now twenty, some forty, some fifty; even some are approaching eighty. Have we now stopped striving?

Have we now become satiable? Man, being who he is, is always toiling. Even till our knees become weak; when we can barely see anymore, when we are riddled to a chair, we keep toiling endlessly

The thing that drives most people is the panic of Growing Older; no one wants to be outdone by the other. That panic of growing older is what makes people to say;

“Mi o gbodo yo ni setting”( I must identify with my peers)

When then will this panic stop? Perhaps in the grave? When will the anxiety of growing older abate? When we’re no more?

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  1. Well done. Nice write-up. I had a good read and wanted more.

  2. For me my fear of growing up is actually the fear of the unknown. Would I achieve and surpass all my dreams?

    • Stephen Afolabi

      This is an issue that pervades a lot of people’s lives. The question of if they will acheive their dreams. However, we just all have to keep pressing forward and keep being optimistic

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