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EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder blasts Tyson Fury opponents, confirms TV for rematch

Deontay Wilder

“I watched it (the Schwarz fight) and Fury did what he was supposed to do. He had a punching bag in there with him,” Wilder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If you look at Fury’s resume and the things he’s done, he hasn’t really fought anybody of excitement besides from Klitschko or me. Everybody else has been lower opposition.

“Coming back from his little layoff (and being) another guy getting popped for drugs, he came back in with two low guys up in England. He then finally caved in and fought me.

“But then he comes back again (after our fight) with the same routine against another low guy but he wants to claim he’s the best – it’s kinda crazy.”

He continued: “I sit back and see certain things. It’s crazy how he fights lower opposition guys and nobody is really talking about it.

“I can’t see why. If I would have fought a Tom Schwartz, then you wouldn’t have heard the last of it – that’s just facts. Guys like that you’re supposed to knock out silly.

“Everybody has got their own plan in their career and what they’re trying to do with it. Everybody is trying to make it to the top and to stay there as long as they can until it’s time to retire. I guess he’s just doing his part (and trying to make his career last longer).”


Asked whether there has been any update on the situation regarding Fury being with Top Rank and a potential two network broadcast, Wilder confirmed this would indeed be the case.

Both ESPN and Wilder’s chosen network of either Showtime or PBC on FOX will televise the super-fight simultaneously.

“We are definitely going to make it work for the networks. I think it’s going to be a joint network.

“We just want to provide the people with a great fight. That’s what we’re doing so he’ll be with ESPN and I’ll be with my network,” concluded the American.

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