In recent times, in Nigeria, the awareness about feminism and feminist rights has become widespread. This is a very good development as women are now aware of the equal rights that they have as women. However, this is the place the so-called Nigerian feminists, particularly women, has missed it.

Stories and indeed eye witness accounts have been heard and witnessed of women and indeed ladies, who now hide under the pretext of feminism to be disobedient, rude and condescending to their spouses and indeed male partners.

Under the guise of feminism, we have women in Nigeria today who cannot be ‘controlled’ by their husbands. By control here, I mean checking of their various excesses. Indeed, the situation of the misconception of the tenets of feminism by the Nigerian feminists which in this case Is peculiar to women gets saddening when stories are heard of women beating their husbands to a pulp. I stand to ask; is this what true feminism is?

The situation gets worse, when women in the name of feminism now begin to teach children to disregard their fathers. No! That is not what feminism is! Feminism is not gender subjugation.

It is very important to note that this is not a campaign for patriarchy. In fact, it is equally important for men to know that they are not overlords in their homes. The home is meant to be built by the man and the woman. As a man, you cannot force obedience form a woman by becoming an imperial leader. If she obeys you; it will be out of fear and not from love.

It is however pertinent for women and indeed ladies who are budding women and mothers to know that feminism is not in any way gender subjugation. Rather than practice the so-called feminism by becoming disobedient, bossy, uncontrollable and uptight both in the home and in the larger society, one can practice feminism by competing favorably with the masculine gender in the corporate world, in building of better families and indeed Nation building.

We do not need misplaced feminism nor mad display of masculinity. We need a synergy between the two genders to build a better home, a better society and indeed a better nation.

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