In the face of all these and the way it seemed that the church as a whole was being dragged in the mud over this largely disgraceful issue, would it not have been appropriate to see the Christian Association of Nigeria wade into the issue to resolve things and possibly issue disciplinary measures where appropriate?

Well, this is exactly what they did when the Christian Association of Nigeria, represented by the chairman of the Abuja branch and chairman of the North-central division of the association came to the church to elicit their support for the church. In their statements as seen in the video above, they claimed that

“We are in support of your church; we are in support of your pastor and I declare that the gated of hell shall not prevail over the church”

I stand to ask; as religious leaders, was that what they should have done? Should they have taken sides in this matter? Does their action speak well of leaders who are aware of the decadent state of the society and seek to correct it?

In my opinion, it is a NO!

A typical religious leader, be it a Pastor, an imam or a traditionalist as the case may be is meant to be on the side of God and is meant to get to the root of issues before making assertions. A religious leader is one who is meant to be a fence-mender, not one who takes sides on issues, should be one who in the instance of an argument or disputes weighs the two sides before arriving at conclusions. Unfortunately, as religious leaders, in this case, these ones have not done this and it is saddening.

As a sensitive Nigerian and a rational thinker, you would have probably at one time or the other pondered on why decadence in every form has eaten deeper into the fabrics of our society and indeed our nation? The major reason is because our religious leaders have continually shied away from telling the truth. Most times, when our religious leaders have been called upon to say truth and be blunt, they have shied away from it. This is the major reason why corruption, moral decadence, killings and theft has taken firm root in our country. This is because those who perpetrate these acts have discovered that our religious leaders rather than outrightly condemn them have been coy, most times about telling the truth.

The reality of this saddening situation is clearly seen in this case as these CAN leaders who were aware that the issue in which they brokered issue and prematurely took sides is a very sensitive issue that is more like a gunpowder which is ready to explode. What would have been appropriate in this situation would have been for this people to constitute a disciplinary committee to investigate the issue and get to the root of the matter. By so doing, in the situation that the pastor in question was discovered to be guilty, appropriate sanctions would have been meted out and the Christian association would have come out as an appropriate judge just like the judges of old in the bible.

As a very religious country in which religion has a very important role to play, it is high time our religious leaders start rising to the occasion, they have to start being sincere in their approach to issues. We don’t need religious leaders who stand on the side of man. Let’s all stand on the side of God and move our country forward.

I leave you all with this popular biblical quote in the book of Proverbs 14 vs 34;





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