Full lashes instantly open up the eyes and because they dont require wearing faux lashes every time they are low maintenance!

Long and full lashes help shape the face and though they are natural they are still glam especially when emphasized with mascara. Full lashes instantly lightens up the whole face, gives a chic vibes while complementing any look subtle yet effortlessly pretty.

A lot of ladies however are not blessed with full lashes making faux lashes the ever dependable option but for those who desire full and long lashes, these two easy way work to naturally stimulate the hair and make them grow and shine.

1. Egg Whites

Egg whites help to grow and strengthen the lashes by stimulating the hair follicles which keeps them from pulling out!

How to:

1. Take out the yolk from an egg and mix the egg white

2. Apply egg white on (clean) lashes with a lash brush preferably

3. Leave the egg white on the lashes overnight

4. Wash the face when taking a bath as usual

(This can be done often to keep the lashes longer and stronger).

2. Vaseline

Petroleum jelly/Vaseline is a common way to grow and strengthen the lashes. It serves as a conditioner and locks in moisture making the lashes stronger and fuller in a few days/weeks.

How to:

1. Rub Vaseline on clean lashes (just enough for the lashes) with cotton bud or lash/mascara brush.

2. Leave it on preferably overnight to moisturize the lashes intensely

3. Wash off when taking a bath the next day