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Manchester City players will choose next captain, says Pep Guardiola

Guardiola’s side are in China for their pre-season tour Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he will let his players choose the Premier League champions’ next captain. Previous skipper Vincent Kompany retired at the end of last season. Midfielder David Silva captained City for Wednesday’s pre-season 4-1 friendly win against West Ham …

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What to Do When You Don’t Know Anyone in the Room

These 10 strategies will help you feel comfortable and make meaningful connections. Image credit: Shutterstock via Thrive Global For some of us, there is nothing more intimidating than walking into a room and realizing you don’t know a single soul (we’re looking at you, introverts). For others (hey, extroverts!), this kind of unfamiliarity paired …

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4 Mindfulness Tips to Start Reducing Stress In Your Life Today

Use these techniques to ensure better daily mental and physical health. Whether it’s fleeting, in-the-moment stress or elevated, long-term stress, it’s important to find healthy techniques that allow your mind and body to unwind, relax and regroup. Having spent a decade in wealth management and now running my own business as an entrepreneur, …

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How fashion rules the world

In the 21st century the style trends of the fashion industry dominate the world more than they ever did, and control not only the way people dress but also trends in home ware design, makeup fashion and people’s overall attitudes. In the 60s flower power did not only mean flares …

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