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Curve Model Hunter McGrady Has an FYI: “Not All Plus-Size Women Are Ashamed of Their Bodies”

There has been a lot of positive change when it comes to body diversity in the fashion industry, from a host of brands extending their size ranges to curvy models finding more work in the industry that goes beyond jobs geared toward specialty lines and retailers. Slowly but surely, negativity surrounding “plus-size” is dissipating — in fact, the word itself has undergone a rebranding of sorts with the term “curve” frequently taking its place — but not entirely, according to curve model Hunter McGrady.

With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the model also shared her favorite response to negative commenters: “Oh, don’t be silly.” Her own personal brand of thank you, next. Instead, she wants to inspire other women like her. “I put my body out there . . . I get a lot of hate, and it sucks . . . on the flip side, I see positivity . . . by being in the spotlight, we get our message out there and people relate to the conversation,” she said.

While tinges of negativity can be hard to shake for anyone, Kohl’s is striving to make women of all sizes and shapes feel their best when it comes to fashion, from the retailer’s newly launched label EVRI — a line of clothing that ranges from 0X to 4X — to our very own POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s, featuring stylish and affordable wardrobe staples from dresses to tops and jackets.

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