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Ever Dreamed of Running Your Business From the Road? Here’s How I Do It … .

Ever Dreamed of Running Your Business From the Road? Here's How I Do It ...

2. Hire a virtual assistant.

Before I left, I started working with a virtual assistant to manage my inbox and calendar. I can’t tell you what a game-changer it is to have someone in your inbox responding to things she can, forwarding the things she can’t do to the appropriate people and starring anything she needs help with. One of my biggest issues is being addicted to email, so hiring a VA really helped me step away from it because I know if there’s something urgent, she’ll tell me.

3. Drop into coworking spaces.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, WeWork is popping up everywhere. With a global pass, you can pop into any WeWork location to attend to urgent tasks. This has been great when I’m near a major city and need a full day of strong wifi (and strong coffee). If you don’t want to commit to a global pass yourself, you can always buy day passes at various coworking spaces across the country.

4. Be “stingy” with your time.

Before I moved into the Airstream, I would say yes to anyone who wanted to “pick my brain” for 15 to 30 minutes. But when you’re on the road, scheduling meetings can be challenging because you want to make sure you’re within cell service and have wifi, not to mention the fact that you might want to go on a hike when important calls are coming in during the day.

I didn’t realize how much those meetings were time-robbers for me. Now, I can get into “work mode” and have a few hours of uninterrupted work, then go exploring. When I was at home, it used to take me an entire day to do the same amount of work because I was always stepping away for a call or a meeting.

So it’s okay to say “no” or pass on an exploratory call that doesn’t have a set purpose. However, what I’ve found helpful for the meetings I do want to have is scheduling them back to back in one day. That way, you can head into town and knock them all out instead of having them spread over the week and cut into your days.

5. Have standing meetings with your team.

Instead of exchanging a ton of emails, I have a Google doc where I can enter things I want to discuss, then address them in my standing meeting. My entire team has a monthly standing meeting, and I have a weekly standing with one team member. What might take 20 emails and lots of typing can be discussed in one meeting with your team. Just keep a running doc so you can write down all your ideas and not forget them.

In sum, I don’t want to wait until I’m retired to start crossing things off my bucket list. One of the great parts about being an entrepreneur is the ability to paint your own life and choose how you want to live it. But oftentimes, we guilt-trip ourselves into patterns that don’t suit the way we want to live.

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