Unwritten STORY 1


By: Franca Afolabi

Ivy finally got home after spending close to an hour on the road. She was so exhausted she couldn’t feel her bones. She opened the door to the living room and was met with silence.

“Darling! Darling! Am home!” She shouted, kicking her shoes off her legs. This is strange, she thought. She couldn’t hear the baby’s voice. Maybe David took her out for a late afternoon stroll. She went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took a bottle of cold water.
Leaving her car key on the kitchen cabinet, she took the stairs to her baby’s room, just to check, she thought. David might have slept off while watching the baby in her cradle. The baby was not there, neither was David. She shrugged, they must have gone out.
Suddenly, she heard a sharp, piercing cry from her bedroom. She ran to her bedroom and nearly died as she took in the scene displaying at her front. Her baby was naked on a pool of her own blood, laying silently on the bed. Her legs unnaturally wide open. David was clothed but with his trousers opened and his penis dangling out and stained with blood. He held a pillow which he had just used in silencing his child. She gave a sharp cry of pain and David finally noticed her by the door.
“you raped and killed your daughter, David” she whispered with horror in her eyes. David got down from the bed with tears in his eyes, “it was the devil’s work, I swear… I was about to change her diaper… and…and I…I…when I saw how tiny it was…I couldn’t stop..please Ivy, you know it’s been 3 months since you gave me sex..I was tempted by the devil. I am sorry” he knelt and crawled slowly to her.
“you were tempted to raped your own daughter?” She ran down the stairs into the kitchen, opening and banging the cabinets, with murder in her eyes, looking for any weapon. With tears flowing down her face, she sat on the floor and cried her whole heart out.
David silently went to the stereo and switched it on, loud music banging all over the place. He came before her, trying to hug her, she pulled back “get out of my sight you murderer! You pedophile! You rapist! You raped your 2 months old daughter to death! Ha!” Ivy placed her hands on her head, hitting it hard on the kitchen wall.

Well… The families heard about it but Ivy was told to keep mute, not to divulge the truth behind the death of Simisola in order not to tarnish the reputation of the family. You see, David was a Pastor, a General Overseer of his own church and such news of him raping his daughter is disastrous. She held it in for reputation sake while her world lay broken. Ivy watched her husband go on with his life, with all smiles and teeth and all she saw was her child killer. “Simisola had a chronic fever which took her life”, this was what she told everyone. She never attempted to conceive again and Simisola was never heard of again.

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