Generally, money is very important in the life of every human being. This is because in our ever-changing world, it is becoming a norm that anyone who does not have money is close to being considered a destitute. Amongst, friends, the ones without a strong financial base are cast aside, in families, the ones without money are most times shut up as their sometimes wonderful ideas are cast aside because they do not have the financial capability to back it up; among siblings too, anyone who is less privileged is counted less important. One might argue that money is not everything. However, most things, ranging from transactions, deals and agreements among other things are done with the direct or indirect involvement of money. See
Having established the quintessential role that money plays, it is then important to limit the scope to our argument to our locality; Nigeria, in order not to have a distorted view of the subject matter.
Before going into the crux of the matter, I’d like to throw this pertinent question at you; is getting rich quickly a blessing or a curse?
Undeniably, some quarters are going to say it’s good to get rich quickly because it would make the individual to do a lot of important things in record time. In Nigeria, those things include, buy or build a house(s), buy a car, get married and take care of the family. That’s perfectly right! Those are valid reasons to get rich quickly. However, adopting the Nigerian perspective, has the race to achieve all these in record time not led Nigerians and indeed Nigerian Youths to do the unimaginable?
Almost everyone, if not all, would agree with me that if we were to ask an average Nigerian, particularly a fledging youth what he or she wants, the popular answer would be that; “Ki n sa ti lowo (Let me just have money)
These days, the desire to ger rich is so strong that people would do anything to get rich; Yes! I mean anything. This has resulted in ritual killings, kidnappings and famously, Internet fraud, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’
Concerning the Internet fraudsters, they have become so rampant that some of them now organize tutorial classes for fellow youths like them to learn how to become an internet fraud. Some of them have even gone to the extremes of adding what they call ‘plus’ to it. The meaning of this is that they would add ritualistic means to their internet fraud to make their ‘business’ boom. What this has caused is that a lot of youths who are suppose to be in school in order to be the so-called leaders of tomorrow have dropped out of school to face their internet fraudster business squarely. In the end, some of them either go irredeemably broke after squandering their ill-gotten ‘fast’ wealth while others die of mysterious reasons. I ask again, is getting rich quick a blessing or a curse?
For those who indulge in kidnappings, they most times get into crossfires with policemen or security outfits when trying to recover their ransoms leading to the death or severe injuries to them; I ask again, is getting rich quickly a blessing or a curse?
One cannot completely blame the citizenry for this rather saddening situation. The government, over the years also share a bulk of the blame. Either directly or indirectly, successive Nigerian governments have through their posture led Nigerians towards resorting to nefarious means to get fast wealth. In a country where the citizens have to provide water for themselves, security, sometimes power supply (electricity generating sets) and the likes, do you expect such citizens not to resort to nefarious means to get wealth? Definitely they would. In a country where the citizens know that they cannot get true justice, cannot get true representation in power and cannot reap the sincere and equal fruits of democracy; you expect them not to resort to any means to get rich as quickly as possible?
Enough of deceiving ourselves! As long as there is bad leadership in Nigeria, the ‘Yahoo boy’ would continue to thrive. As long as someone sits in the corner of his office and embezzles billions of Naira and most recently dollars, the ritual killers, thieves, armed robbers and other terrible elements will continue to thrive in the society. After all, is that not their own means of livelihood too?
As this article comes to an end, the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘WHICH WAY NIGERIA? Do we continue in bad leadership and expect internet fraud to cease? Do we continue in corruption and expect armed robbery to stop? This our food for thought, Nigeria! This is our cross!

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