Bedroom behaviour: what your birth month says about your sexual behaviour


Have you ever wondered why your shy partner gets so passionate and becomes a lioness when in the bedroom? Most people put on a different personality when in the bedroom that you wonder if that is the same person you see every morning. Well, your birthday month might have something to do with your sexual behaviour.

According to in an interview with astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright, your birth month has something do with how you like to have sex.

When hooking up with someone, January born people are going to be a little more cautious but they become very persistent when they like someone. January born persons have one of the kinkiest signs, they are freaks on bed.

Those born in February are adventurers. They have a lot of tightly covered passion which you would have to work hard for before uncovering it. They are so focused in causes and the bigger picture. You really have to work hard to connect emotionally with them.

March born people love sex. The sex to them is very intense and emotional because they give their partner everything they have and take sex occasionally to new heights of spirituality.

April born people are very independent, so when they get involved with someone, they give their all. They are intense, passionate and very hot in bed. But once sex with them is over, it’s really over. They often get tired of lovers quickly.

People born in May want sex to be comfortable, sensual and warm. They love the process of sex itself. They want to make love on satin sheets in a gorgeously decorated room or not at all.

These people are almost as adventurous as February born people. They will want to try every position possible under the sun because they are so curious about sex. June borns are dirty talkers. They love sex talks and if you try sexting them over the phone, they will love you forever.

July born people have sex on an emotional ground. Before having sex with someone, they have to feel safe and emotionally connected with that people and once they do, they would do anything to please their partner. They are nurturers, they love to nurture people and make sure they are satisfied and have everything they need.

These people can operate on tow ways. It’s either they are extremely selfish or extremely generous. They will want to make sure their partner has everything or they will sleep with someone and leave immediately, they are good one night standers. They hate to be told what to do in bed and their egos are easily bruised.

They are passionate but always on control of their emotions. So, when it comes to sex, their partners need to work very hard on order for them to loose inhibitions and have a really great orgasm and this sometimes proves difficult.they don’t throw themselves immediately into sex, but if they are emotional attached, there is nothing they won’t do.

They love to paint a romantic and sexy picture for their partner, and once they do that, they will take their time, romance them and seduce them into bed. October-born people might lack passion, but they make up for that with spot-on courting that leads up to romantic sex.

November born people are the replica of what passionate sex is. They need to possess their partners and want their partners to possess them and will make that happen. They will try every sex act imaginable just to say they’ve done it.

These people are very creative in bed. They love to create stories and role-play with partners. It’s often hard to connect to them in a deeper way, but they’ll make sex fun every single time.

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