Big Brother Naija: A mockery on Morality or a Business Masterpiece?

Big Brother Naija, a reality TV show which spans for approximately three months has gained popularity in recent times. From the last edition which was titled “Double Wahala’ which featured now popular ex-housemates, Okechukwu Miracle, Cee-c, Tobi Bakre and Alex to the current season titled ‘Pepperdem’ the show has gained a lot of popularity, support, sponsorship and as you’d expect, massive criticism.
A debate which has been making rounds in recent times as concerning the show is that is the show a mockery on morality or is it a business masterpiece?
Before you go headlong into choosing sides, let us examine some salient point together. On the side of those who would say that the show is a mockery on morality, their arguments will most likely be that the housemates on Big Brother Naija promote sexual immorality which contravenes the values shared generally by Nigerians. Furthermore, they’d argue that the show promotes laziness as youths now believe that they can go on the show for three months, play their game right and at the end win astronomical sums of money. Who would not agree with this, given that the winner of the last edition, Miracle, became popular largely because he continually had sex with Nina in the house? Also, in recent times, Gedoni and Khafi, together with Mercy and Ike have gained popularity because of their sexual escapades.
However, in the commercial sense, one can say categorically that the show is a business masterpiece. Why? In the last edition, one hundred and seventy million people voted. What this means is that if those one hundred and seventy million people voted at the rate of thirty naira each, Payporte would have raked in a whooping N5. Billion! Isn’t that just wonderful? Now this is from last edition. How much do you imagine the organizers of these season’s edition which has more viewership and consequently more votes would make? Probably trillions?
As if recognizing the commercial appeal of this reality TV show, top companies like Pepsi, Oppo, Dano, Heritage Bank, MunchIt, Godrej and Legend Extra Stout have all signed up as sponsors of the show. This is because they recognize the fact that Big Brother Naija, ‘Pepperdem’, will help their brands develop popularity. They also recognize the fact that any new product that they churn out using the show will definitely gain consumer appeal. Isn’t that a commercial masterpiece? You bet it is.
However., it is important to note that whichever side you are on, it is important that things are done with modesty. Also, as an entrepreneur or an intending one, you must take the BBnaija example as a very important one in actualizing your business objectives

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