A teenager left her family to move 800 miles and live with her partner – after just one date.

“I was a virgin when we met, so we didn’t go the whole way until after we’d moved in together, but on that first night we did share the same bed.

“He told me that he’d had five sexual partners before we met.”

The couple have had two kids; Edolie, five, and Ender, two.

Jeremy, who is a security officer, said: “I could tell immediately that Shakeela was different from anyone I’d anyone I’d met before.

“She has always been so loyal and faithful to me.

“We love to communicate through music and if we have a little tiff we can never stay mad at each other for long.

“We don’t bicker, we sleep in the same bed and enjoy each other’s company.

“I hope our story can encourage others not to lose hope with online dating.”