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To be or not to be is the question many have asked themselves over and over again from the past centuries even till present, the only germane thing has been the inability of people to choose the right choice whenever they ask themselves this question, even as the writer of this article, I find it difficult to construct words that best convey my feelings and I get stuck in this ‘to be or not to be’ fracas. inn centuries past, choosing people as leaders have always been seen as a position of prestige, of power, of sincerity, people of questionable character are never allowed to take up this mantle of leadership they obviously do not deserve. As time went by, we saw many leaders being chosen or voted for with little or no scrutinization of their past, they end up ruining such offices and as such the decline began.

The above brings about the never-ending immoral and illegal acts our youths are found indulging in these days they know you never grow out of your current habitat if you do not grease the palm of either the secretary or that bank manager who wouldn’t hesitate to blow his whistle on you, the driver or the gateman who is suddenly ‘oga’s’ personal assistant when you need help or worse the interviewer you have to negotiate your salary with or else he/she will ‘(never)call you back’ or that boss at work who insist on sleeping with you before you get a promotion at work. We shouldn’t be blamed, after all, when you pursue a goat to the wall, it turns back at you and finds any means necessary to escape your clutches. The youths have taught themselves to survive and there is no reform or moralization or revolution that will help to stop this unless the political leaders clean up their acts and lead by example and stop being questionable characters that will end up doing that one thing they are preaching the youths against. Even the word reform in the English dictionary is closely associated with a campaign which is telling, it has been so used in campaigns that its meaning is lost when it is not used besides it.

The bribery and corruption associated with our county has not only tarnished our image but has completely distorted whatever it is that’s left to salvage, even the leaders we thin can do something different has lost credibility since after losing against the opposition, you find them going back to groveling at the feet of those they promised to reform. We should as much as possible bring up ways to make sure even our leaders are culpable when they are caught in the cul de sac of this quagmire we find ourselves and stop looking for a magus.

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