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Swarovski apologises to China for describing Hong Kong as country

Swarovski jewellery
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Swarovski’s jewellery is popular in China

Jewellery firm Swarovski has apologised to China for erroneously describing Hong Kong as a country on its website.

“Considering the recent happenings in China, Swarovski takes full responsibility and sincerely apologises to the people of China, as well as to our collaborative partners and Brand Ambassador, Ms Jiang Shuying, who have been deeply disappointed due to misleading communication on China’s national sovereignty,” the firm said.

“We have strengthened our global brand awareness and we will continue to review all our digital platforms globally to correct any inaccuracies.”

China has been increasingly strict in policing how foreign firms describe Hong Kong, which is part of China but has a special status, offering its people more autonomy than those on the mainland.

This week several foreign companies were caught up in controversies surrounding their description of Chinese territories.

Versace faced widespread criticism on social media in China for its T-shirt, and eventually said it had made a mistake and had stopped selling the tops.

Fashion brands Givenchy and Coach also faced backlashes for their representation of Chinese territories on garments they had produced.

In 2018, several other companies including Marriott and Delta Airlines also issued apologies after information on their websites appeared to conflict with China’s territorial claims

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