First brush with love


Lydia ran as fast as her short legs could take her into the Senate building of the university where she was studying. At barely 4ft 5inches, she was a great athlete and had the trophies and medals to show for it. She had an appointment to catch up with and she was already running late. She was to interview the Vice Chancellor of Africa Alliance University Abraka (AAUA), a very popular school in Nigeria known for it high standard and graduating highly sought-after students.

With her brown dainty back bag hung carelessly at her back, she entered the nicely scented reception room that had a big ‘WELCOME’ sign at the entrance.

“uh!”, She chuckled to herself, “I wonder if he would still welcome me if he knows the type of questions I want to ask him?”

She was met with nobody and a deafening silence at the reception room, “oh, no! Not today! Where is everybody?” She checked her wristwatch as she sat down on a chair impatiently and at the same time looking admiringly around at the groom’s decor. The room was painted orange with a hint of white at the vertices. The walls were decorated with pictures of past Nigerian presidents, with the picture of the current president dominating the framed pictorial library.

She saw something on the wall that intrigued her and stood up without any form of inhibitions to admire her finding. She was so engrossed that she was unaware of the figure that passed through the door leading to the VC’s office and stood at her back, looking over her shoulder at what got her so captivated.

“Do you like it?”, the baritone voice nearly caused her a heart attack. She jumped, her eyes wide, her hand on her furiously beating heart and faced the intruder looking embarrassed and flushed.

“Do you want to get me into an early stroke? You could have at least made some noise while you were approaching me” she said furiously.

“I made some noise, in fact a very big one but you were busy looking at…” he peered again to what she was looking at “…at that”.

She had the good grace to look embarrassed, “I am sorry, I thought no one was here”, she apologized after regaining her composure. “Please are you the receptionist? I have an appointment with the VC”, her statement was met with stunned silence.

The guy was staring intently at her and her traitorous heart gave a start as she observed him properly for the first time. His height was what ahe noticed first. He was approximately 6ft 2in to her 4ft 5in, very gorgeous in that rugged black cowboy way and with the way his biceps were straining out his shirt, he must be muscular… Oh my, she thought

“You like what you see?”, he asked, a hint of a smile in his voice

Embarrassed, she tried defending herself, “I was just checking out if you are a threat”. She walked back to her former chair, “so, can I see the VC now?”

“Well… You can’t”

“What? What do you mean by I can’t?” She hissed, already having towards the VC’s office.

“He is not on sit”, she halted and turned back, “he was called for an emergency meeting at the University of Indigo”, he said, ruffling through some neatly organized stack of sheet, “are you Miss Lydia from the department of Mass Communication?”

“Yes, I am”

“Well, he has rescheduled your meeting till next week Friday”.

“I wasn’t aware about this” she almost shouted, thinking about all the things she had to forgo because of this interview.

“I am very sorry, I forgot to contact you about that, the change in plan had been made since three days ago”.

“Well, no problem. I will just have to come next week”, she said, picking up her bag and camera.

“Ehm wait! Could you spare me few minutes?” He looked nervous.


“My name is Micheal and I am not the receptionist”

“What are you then?” her heart was already palpitating, think of the horror stories of random kidnappings that have been airing around campus.

“Well, I am an IT student interning here at the Senate building. I’m helping the receptionist out for a while before he comes back to take his position”.

“Oh… I am sorry for the initial outburst”.

“No problem, I understand. So you are a 2nd year student?” “Nope! Am actually in my 1st year”.

“Really? And you are already writing for the school’s newspaper? Wow!”

She laughed, “well… It’s luck I guess”

“I guess not. I believe you are a genius who is very good at what she does”.

“I wouldn’t go that far” she chuckled, looking at her wristwatch and then she gasped, “oh my god! I have spent more than 3 hours here. It’s high time I left, I have a rehearsal by 2pm”.

“Right! May I have your digit please? So I can contact you about your appointment with the VC”

She laughed, “oh really? You are such a considerate man”, he laughed she tattled off her number and went out into the sunshine, a bright smile on her face, and a glimpse of something new about to happen.

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