What do you need to wear for a Job interview?

In our world today, getting invited for a job interview has become quite cumbersome talk more of getting an invite to be interviewed for ones dream job. However, what do we then say when one then gets invited for that dream job and one then faces a dilemma of what to wear? Surprising right? However, it happens. A lot of people face the dilemma and are usually confused when it comes to what to wear for that job interview. So, what do you wear for that job intervi ew?
As a prospective employee, the first impression you make on your employer is very important. This is because the judgement your interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. At this juncture, it is important to go into what to wear for that interview?
For a Professional Job interview
When going for a professional job interview, you definitely don’t want to look like you’re going for a party. Modesty is very important. In General, the most preferred attire for a man would be suit jacket and slacks with a shirt and tie or a sweater and button down. In the case of women, the most preferred dress would be a blouse and dress pants or possibly a statement dress that will make you stand out. Although modesty is advised, you can incorporate some innovative styles into your outfit. It is however important that whatever you wear, do not wear anything too bright and flashy that will distract your interviewer

For a Business Casual Attire
When going for an interview that is not so formal, you might wear an outfit that is less formal than a suit. This is called a business casual outfit. Although they are less formal, they are more polished than a t-shirt and shorts. It is however important that you are really sure of the dress code and type of interview you are going for before wearing a business casual outfit. For men, the most appropriate dressing for a business casual interview is slacks or chinos, sweater, shirt and tie, though optional and a belt. For women, a blouse, closed-toe shoes, twinset, skirt and hosiery.
Casual Interview Attire
If you have an interview that is not formal, for example an interview with a startup company, you can opt for something that is relaxed but still presentable. Relaxed-fit khakis, dark-wash jeans and a nice top would be perfect for this kind of interview. Also, you could wear button downs, cotton blouses and skinny jeans for women among other dresses suitable for a Casual job interview.

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