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Insanity (A drug story)

The impact of hard drugs and its related components in the community cannot be understated, the community at large and its environs has seen the impact of drugs much. Having seen this first hand in my community, I will like to relate it here; all names have been removed or changed to make the people involved remain anonymous. This is by no means a tale told to scare people into having sense; it is in fact a true story.

The guy was a talented singer, his parents and friends knew this having been a spectator on more than one occasion to his spellbinding ability. His voice was sonorous as well as being beautiful; he was also privileged to be handsome as well as tall, nobody could stand his charm and he carried himself well. Only one thing spoilt all he stood for, he was a smoker, a chronic one at that. His parents couldn’t find a way to stop this gnawing trend, his siblings begged him to stop, his relatives warned him while his parents prayed relentlessly, one can only force a horse to the stream anyway and his was far from being thirsty to drink. He was adamant he got his inspiration from drinking and smoking his favorite; Benson. Nobody could tell him to stop this relentless act and since he believed his inspiration came from this act, he was always found composing his ‘hit songs’ believing one day he would be signed by a record label or by uploading his songs on social media, would earn recognition from the world at large. His nemesis as they say would not catch up with him early since he was always lucky not to lose his insanity, one can only run for long though, his nemesis would catch up with him but not suddenly anyway, he was found to be dancing along to infamous beats banging in his head after every dose of his inspiration, alongside his dancing came his free-styling and before long, whenever he was called by his favorite name and asked to dance or sing, he would gladly oblige thinking they loved what he was doing not minding the jest. The final knell of his nemesis clock would catch up with him when he was found dancing along the road and demanding for money aggressively from a bystander who requested for him to sing and when the victim couldn’t oblige him, he was found threatening the man. The beats in his head became louder and before long, he couldn’t do anything without shaking his body while singing along to the beats. Last I heard of him, he was mistaken for a mad man on his way to work when he was found with a Smartphone (which they thought he stole) doing a free-style on Instagram.

This goes a long way in relating how these people who are accustomed to hard drugs and smoking go down in insanity; it shows how misunderstood and prejudiced they feel when their obvious sanity is taken for insanity.

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