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Abridged (Bridging the line between the community and its resident outcasts)

The word abridged means shortening something by rewriting or condensing it. It is the best term to use in this case when a smoker eases into smoking and slowly but surely smokes his death, it goes for not only smokers though, it also goes for those who are pretty useless if they do not drink,

smoke or at least inhales something. The blame is not all theirs though, when they are stuck in a system where the government is corrupt and all the jobs available are either too tasking for them or pretty non-existent, all they get to do to make sure they get something no matter how small, in their bellies is the tasking ones, by the tasking ones, I mean the factory works, the bricklaying works, the laborers e.t.c, these jobs bring meager pay but at least they put food on the table. Since the body can only take so much, they have to keep up their energy level so as to keep themselves in the job and as such, they become addicted to these substances which obviously help them but also harm them. This is why abridged comes to play, you shorten something because you want to save time, by probably removing some vital elements, the same goes for these substance takers, they shorten their life span by taking these substances that help boost their energy levels while also at least saving something up for their kids or themselves, the government wouldn’t support them and while they want to make something of their lives while staying within the legal limits, they should be forgiven by breaking a few rules right?. Abridged also comes into play when the government stops the importation or production of the substances which helps these set of people to do something worthwhile with their lives because they reduce the production level these people have become accustomed to.

So in other to stop this abridging trend, should we let these people be or appeal to the government to find ways to help them if they want to take away from them what makes life meaningful for them?

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