In Nigeria, auto accidents have become commonplace in Nigeria. In fact, a week barely goes by without the media churning out some news about a ghastly accident here and there most of them resulting in deaths. In fact, between January and June 2019, a total of 1, 618 deaths have been recorded from road accidents alone. Without deceiving ourselves, it is apparent that by the end of the year, the number of deaths from road accidents would have increased, if not doubled these figures.
Although the figures if these deaths from road accidents in Nigeria is sad, it is important to examine the causes of these auto accidents? Although, the causes of Auto accidents in Nigeria vary, it could be narrowed down to two major causes; the fault of the driver or the roads. It is therefore important for us to ask ourselves; Are road accidents in Nigeria the fault of the writer or the roads?
On the side of the driver, the faults that he or she might make that may result in an auto accident could vary from failure to make sure that the car being used is in proper condition. This could range from failure to check the state of the tires, the brakes and the wipers among other things. The fault could also come from over speeding. Concerning over speeding, a lot of lives in Nigeria have been lost because of that. In 2011, data released by the Federal Road Safety Corps stated that most of road accidents that resulted in fatalities were caused by over speeding. In 2014 too, over speeding emerged as one of the top causes of over speeding in Nigeria. Notable of such accidents caused by over speeding was the accident that occurred in October 2018 on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway in which 10 people lost their lives. This is very sad right? Yes, it is.
After examining the faults, the driver could have that could result in road accidents in Nigeria, it is important for us to note that the roads in Nigeria share a bulk of the blame when it comes to fatal accidents in Nigeria. In Nigeria, bad roads have become a trademark as there are even some places that do not have accessible roads. Some roads have become a deathtrap as there are even some roads in Nigeria have ditches deep enough to swallow a car. Notable of these bad roads that cause accidents are the Apapa highway in Lagos which has become a regular death trap, the Lagos-Badagry road, East-West Road, Ilorin-Kaduna Road and Benin-Lokoja-Abuja. Not only that, the Oyo-Ogbomosho road has become a death-trap as regular news of deaths caused by the bad state of those roads have been reported from time to time. The roads are very narrow and bad which has made the cases of ghastly collision of vehicles to become rampant.
After examining all these, it is glaring that the government and drivers have faults. On the part of the government, it is clear that they have not put the right infrastructure in place to ensure that the roads are in prefect condition. Also, drivers have the fault of over speeding and not making sure that their cars are in top condition. In the light of this, what can then be done to remedy this precarious and saddening situation? It is important that both the government and drivers collaborate together to stop the frequency of road accidents together; on the part of the government, there is a need to ensure that our roads are solid and are in top condition. Drivers have to ensure that their cars are in perfect condition and stop over speeding.
I leave you with this; we only live once so do not waste your life. It is better to be late than late

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