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The thin line between love and obsession

The feeling of love is like a sweet syrup that streams into your body and fills your heart up. People in love do crazy things and are blind to so many things. While love is felt from the heart, obsession is a fantasy of love; infatuation with perfection. Sometimes, love can be described as an obsession, especially at the early stages of the relationship. At that point, it can be challenging separating the two, but when the intensity of a new relationship wears off, the differences between love and obsession will become glaring based on actions.

Love at its early stages, which is infatuation, can feel like obsession. You are always filled with the thoughts oh him and always long to be with him. This is because love is like an addiction. The chemical reactions that occur in your brain when you are in love is similar to when you take cocaine. Due to this, the addiction of that feeling you get when you are in love can lead to a bit of obsession. The difference is on how you deal with these emotions.

Building a perfect fantasy of someone you probably do not know well enough can lead to obsession. You create your idea of the ideal partner, tantalizing how that person fits into your perfect life and then fixing that perfect idea you have on that person.

According to Ann Smith’s Psychology today” article “The reality of love”, cited in “Obsession vs. Love in a Relationship” by Sarah Claiming, a loving, healthy relationship is one which you accept your partner’s weaknesses and still respects the person.

Obsession is violent, selfish and abusive. Some of the characteristics of obsession stems from insecurities and can lead to violence. A partner who constantly monitors the phone calls or whereabouts of his partner does so obsessively because his greatest fear is that she would leave him.

On the other hand, love can start off passionately and romantically, but when the honeymoon stage is over, love is still present. Love is showing support, respect and care. Love always wants the best and happiness of his partner. You show true love through little and mundane gestures such as helping out with chores, combing her hair or giving your partner massages on a stressful day.

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