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Pitying the Addicts

As the heading goes, it is hard not to feel sorry for the way with which the society’s moral has declined, the rate at which the people indulging in hard drugs and mixtures together with cocaine are being marginalized calls for attention, I am a chronic believer in the fact that people who do these things should not be seen as outcasts but rather as people left with no choice than to find solace in the things that give takes their mind away from depressing situations. Even the government sanctioning the ban on drugs and alcohol fail to realize that they end up bringing more harm than good to these innocent citizens who fall back to their depressing situations and moments where suicide becomes an option for them without adequately providing an extra safety net that will help these citizens do about their normal lives without falling into the trap of addiction. Another fact is that good drugs are not cheap enough for those who are trying to satisfy the sexual urge of their wives and as such they resort to finding ways that will help them in this noble quest, the finding was constituted looking for cheap, easily accessible alternatives to the expensive ones they are unable to buy. These wives and girlfriends will not really want to understand the fact that these men try hard enough during the day and as such will find it difficult to do their duty during the night. They also fail to understand that the rigorous days of their youth where their male folks can satisfy their urge is over since they have been forced to face reality.

This is not a plea for the bans on hard drugs and its relatives to be lifted; it is, in fact, an eye-opener for the community to at least feel for the plight of these individuals.

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