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Impact of Hard Drugs and Alcohol in Our Community

While all has been said and done about the evils hard drug or weed cause in our society, much has not been said about the effect it has been incurring in our community on a more personal level, the future of our children, as well as our youths, cannot be toyed with and as a concerned citizen with the need to come up and say something, this article has been birthed.

One of the impacts it has on our youths is the obvious loss of morality. The youths of these days do not care about what others or worse, their elders think, they believe whatever it is they do is right as long as it is right in their own eyes, they believe they cannot be negatively influenced by others of their stature since they have their own free will while forgetting the fact that it is the gradual process of losing insanity that makes the madman believe he is sane. These youths have been so brainwashed that whatever they are told do not matter to them unless it is about what can get them the ‘highness’ they so desperately need. Another is the unnecessary fights they get into when they are under its influence and the fact that they hurt themselves in the process which sometimes leads to the death of some of them.

More on this issue is also the fact that crime and its related components have also been on the rise since youths have found this alternative, they engage in fraud, steal, kidnap, or worse maim to get what they want. An upstanding youth who has no source of income suddenly finds himself broke when his money has been squandered on what he feels is just little compared to the gratifying reward he gets in return. The children these youths end up giving birth to are also found to be lacking in morality since their parents lack these. They are not brought up well and as such, they fail to see what’s important in their lives. A vivid example is that of a taxi driver whose dad always forces his mum anytime he feels like having sex since he believes that is what makes it enjoyable for him. This same child was found to be doing the same with his female counterpart when he was caught; he calmly told those who arrested him that he felt that was the best way for both of them to enjoy sex (it was later found out that the lady in question was his girlfriend).

What is most worrying about the effects of hard drugs and weed is that they do not seem to stop soon, no matter how hard the community has tried, there is always a loophole that the youths keep exploring and we continue this vicious circle.

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