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Musings of Regret (My Story)

Good morning, goodnight, I have been in love, have lost what I called mine, lost hope more than I can count lost what made me relevant, lost what was my last chance, smoked without remorse, hated what was right, drank what destroyed my mind, requested for what I believe was mine, yet lost more times than I could count. The actually told me to stop, to reflect and genuflect on my actions, to see the bad it does, to remove the guilt from my wanton mind, I couldn’t be budged to do that, I hated the truth as much as I hated my abusive life, I knew what was right yet didn’t go for it, I knew I might later lose it-eventually but I didn’t care.

Now I am in a psychiatric hospital thinking what could I have done right, should I have listened when I still had the presence of mind?, should I have quitted when others told me to?, should I have listened more to friendly advice than the advice my ego thought was good for me?, now all is in the past, I couldn’t be bothered to reflect on it since now I have gone and done the worst thing imaginable, I have lost my mind.

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