michael returns as the winner of this week’s giveaway


Thank you all for participating in this week’s giveaway contest

STEPHBLOG GIVEAWAY scores this week:

Michael                  –13points

Adeola Adedeji     –11points

Njoku Stephen      –4points

Smart                    –3points

Tina                       –2points

Ayomide Precious  –2point

MICHAEL returns as the winner this week’s giveaway with a total number of 13points!!!!

Congratulations MICHAEL (Kindly send your account details to darmyfeda18@gmail.com)

He won #5,000 in this week’s stephblog giveaway;

You can also be the lucky winner next week,its not too late to participate.

SEASON 3 starts tomorrow! and guess what?

The top three winners i.e first,second and third highest points will be awarded!!

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