Social functions have long been known to be one of the avenues through which people enjoy themselves, reconnect and unwind from the stress of work and the society in general.

seeIn a country like Nigeria, particularly amongst the Yoruba, a lot of attention is paid to social functions. In fact, per time, no Saturday passes by without you seeing one ‘owambe’ (Social functions) or the other. Accompanying these social functions are elaborate and beautiful headgears accompanied with expensive brocade. In fact, a typical owambe is a display of wealth and affluence as a lot of money is put into these functions.
However, impressive the prospect of attending a social function may be, because of the free-flowing drinks, spicy jollof rice amongst other things, it sad to know that a lot of people go bankrupt because of these functions. Lots of people, in a bid to satisfy their friends, family and colleagues, go the extra mile to borrow money from obscene sources for that grand day. At the end of the day, they are unable to pay and become heavily indebted even to the tune of getting the famed high blood pressure. Sad, right? On the backdrop of this, can we call social functions a waste of money?
Maybe your answer is yes, it could be that yours is no; however, before you put social gatherings to the sword, you have to look beyond the person that wastes money on the function to the economic aspect. Is social gathering a means of revenue generation?
On this aspect, if we were to be living in a developed country like the USA, it wouldn’t be a disputable matter because the government has put a lot of measures in place to make sure that everything generates revenue in a way. However, in Nigeria, how is it possible to generate revenue from social functions. Let’s look at these statistics; on the average, a typical societal wedding in Nigeria cost at least 10 million naira, what this means is that, if these monies a re taxable, it would resort in more money entering the coffers of the government. The ripple effect of this is that, the government would be equipped with more money to do developmental projects in the society. Not only that, the money given to the caterers who cater for the welfare of guests, money given to the rental services among other things, if properly taxed would rake in more money int government coffers. That way, societal functions won’t be a means to waste money without getting it back.
Lastly, though it is important to create ways to make societal functions a means of revenue generation, it is equally important for the government not to misappropriate such funds when they eventually rake into government coffers. This would create for a better and well organized Nigeria.

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