Musings of Regret II (A Smoker’s Worry)


Its never enough, one sip and we are right back at it again,

one drink and we take another and another and another, one drag is never enough, one drop is not good enough for our mind, we feel sick without our daily dosage, we lose our minds if we don’t get enough of what makes our day great, we get frustrated when things don’t go to plan, our escape is in the drink and smokes while the snuffs are not only enough for our days to be complete, it actually makes our day exceptional. Our plans for the day are never complete unless we have our reward no matter how late. Late night boosts helps us through the journey of the night, early morning drags helps our day get interesting, and we are the best workers you can get wherever you find us, what only stands as the downside is the decline in our deaths made swift by our best friends.

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