Drugs and Substance Abuse, Reality Exit Master (1)


This issue called drug abuse and alcohol consumption has always been paramount, and as much as we would like to prejudice the youths while also berating them on their insensitivity while indulging in their move for escape from reality, we would also like to give our take on the matter at hand, should we accept that they have no option, hence their indulgence or should we just believe what they are doing is morally bad. There are two sides to this story, and we would like to take a look at it from this perspective; they are wrong to indulge.

Another current theme that is having precedence over the community is the fact that the current community we are holed in is fond of looking after ourselves but also cautious of what others say about us, we are selfish but yet still want to hear what someone thinks about the current hairdo, fashion sense, latest phones and such, we are too caught up in the race to satisfy everyone that we get influenced easily when trying to shoe them we belong to their group.

As much as we love to show what really stands as an apparent evil in our society we will in our next post reveal the issues with the community we are living in that constitutes the use of these harmful substances and we will like the public to judge whose fault it is.

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