Reasons why fathers should develop a better relationship with their daughters


Due to the low level of publicity given to the influence of fathers in their daughters’ lives, recent researches have gone a long way to checking and explaining the importance of a father in his daughter’s life. According to research, teenage girls who are close to their fathers are less likely to become sexually active and these girls are twice as likely to stay in school of their fathers are involved in their lives. That is to say, a father’s active involvement in his daughter’s life is vital to her health and well-being. Daughters who grow up without father’s grow to be sexually precarious and precociously destructive as an adult.

It is highly believed that a daughter tends to be attracted or married to someone just like her father. According to a study, women from a divorced home are more likely to shun short term relationship. According to a study, women from a divorced home are more likely to shun short term relationship and are more cautious when going into a new relationship than their peers whose parents are together.

  • A father is the first male contact in his daughter’s life. He is the first man she bonds with. Her idea of the opposite sex is moulded with the level of interaction she has with him. A female child watches her dad with eagle eyes, she observed everything he does, how he related with her mother, her siblings, his neighbors and even pets. The conclusion of her overall observation is what she adopts in her own relationship and eventually into marriage. His interaction with her sets her up on how she is going to relate with other men.
  • A female child wants her fathers to be her protector. He is viewed as a leader, provider and the most powerful person in the world. An absentee father leaves his daughter emotional immature and vulnerable to the whims of sexual predators and other social vices.
  • Females are more affectionate and they mostly love to be affectionate to the opposite sex. An active minded father would receive the affection of his daughter and prevents her from falling into the trap of men who might take advantage of her affection and ruin her outward look concerning men. Because a dad is the daughter’s first man and first love, he is regarded as the most important man in her life. Females who grow up as hard-hearted women are like that probably because of the absence of a father’s affection in their lives.

Fathers have a tremendous power over their daughters. Fathers have a tremendous power over their daughters and they play the most important role in building their daughters as confident and happy women. A father’s involvement or lack thereof in the life of his daughter has an effect in her long term relationship, view of the opposite sex, sexuality, body image, social skills and academic goals. With this knowledge, fathers are to be on the move to mend and reconstruct broken relationships with their daughters in order to save them from the overall effect of the lack of an active father’s love.

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