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An Addict’s Prayer

 I have a secret, a deep dark secret, I let no one in on it, but for good reason, I am entitled to it, but without strength, I am nothing to its power, I have a friend, who is my confidant, a close friend who I talk to, he’s in my mind, that’s how close we are, unfortunately, he leaves me too when things get tough, when our close enemy takes over, he deserts me, he tells me to go ahead while also motioning for me to stop, I am lost to this secret, this dark unhinged mind of mine is enslaved to it, why I do this, I no longer know, why I keep on with it despite the guilt is a mystery, but no matter how much I burn, I will rise from the ashes, like a phoenix, I will rise basking in glory, I might die but my soul shall forever be victorious, but is it victory when I lose my soul at its expense?

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