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Dream Chasers part one

Dream Chasers Part One

Today, we will be engaging our readers in a little story that we have titled Dream Chaser, it is going to be told in parts and we encourage our readers to tune in daily to be part of the experience we wish will be educative as well as being informative while also hilarious. Below is the part one of the story, and we wish you happy reading.

The vehicle moved steadily, I was shaken lightly, I hate these roads, the government and the irate drivers whose cars have been so sun beaten that its décor is no longer visible, the frustrated passengers who take out their lives frustrations on other frustrated passengers, the little baby caught up in the commotion and was crying for attention since he was uncomfortable, the nursing mother who was still mad at the husband for not listening to her advice to change their old rickety car, the old man whose leg was stuck under the iron monstrosity they called car seats, the old bones would not feel the pain now he thought, he knew he was going to regret it later in the night, the mother in-law who was deep in thought about her immature son who was supposed to have known by now that his wife should be treated with love, the father in-law whose anger was directed at the children who should have known what responsibility meant but have been too spoilt that they couldn’t tell their right from their left. All these things were running through my mind and I was oblivious to the crash that was coming my way, all I heard was the noise before I blacked out.


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