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Dream Chasers part one (cont.d)

Being the second boy in a family of two boys and girls was a blessing and also a curse, a blessing meaning I would be excused from responsibility until I got older, a curse being that I would not have a mind of my own since I was expected to follow the lead set by my two ‘perfect’ examples, my father and my elder brother, I was encouraged from a young age to as only necessary questions not those involving lives, no those revolving around what I am expected to do at any given time, the way I was brought up was reminiscent of the military style which was my grandfather’s profession in his days so you get how the training came to be, I was the maid whose hand was to be given out in marriage and I was expected as that lovely, obedient maid to obey instructions given by those who knew more than I did. I was the epitome of my father’s beauty, I was everything he stood for since, out of the fear I had for him (he thought it was respect), I cleaned up my act and followed his instructions to the letter, I had only what character flaw and that brought about the chasm that split us up. I was a thinker.

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