Schizophrenia (symptoms and cure)


When ailments are being associated to addiction to substances, we always forget to mention the fact that those who indulge in it may as much as possible exhibit the behaviors of someone having schizophrenia.

The disease is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves, the people who have been known to have this disease have been found to have lost touch with reality which is very similar to some people we know. Although found to be very uncommon, people often confuse the two together since they both have a common word of definition by the common man-Madness. Even though it’s unpopular, it has been found out that more than one hundred thousand cases of schizophrenia are being reported yearly in Nigeria alone. The symptoms usually start between ages 16 and 30; even children have this disease too. Schizophrenia symptoms fall into three known categories positive, negative and cognitive. These symptoms includes, hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders, movement disorders, reduced expression of emotions, reduced feelings of pressure, reduced speaking. Like its often maligned relative, addiction, schizophrenia also has its own treatment and therapies which include Antipsychotics, Psychosocial Treatments, and Coordinated Specialty care. As a relative or friend of someone with schizophrenia, it has been advised than even if it is difficult to care for someone with this rare disorder, we are encouraged to get them or encourage them to stay in treatment, remember that their hallucinations are real to them, be respectful, supportive and also, tell them that you acknowledge that everyone has the right to see things their own way.
For more information on this rare disease, check out the national institute of mental health or National Institutes of Health’s website

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