In what does not seek to condemn those who are not virgins as prostitutes or less moral, this discourse, seeks to examine if virginity, particularly among unmarried youths is a thing of value or it is overrated.
If this article had been written in times past, it would have been counted as irrelevant as virginity, particularly among unmarried youths was need as a norm and anyone who was not a virgin was seen as an outcast. In fact, among females, their husbands being the first person to deflower them was seen as a thing of pride that usually brought a good name to the family of the bride as she was seen to have imbibed the moral trainings that had been given to her by her parents.
It is true that nowadays, it would be erroneous to say that anyone, in the case of ladies, whose hymen has been broken is not a virgin. This is because some ladies engage in sporting activities and other strenuous work which in turn causes the hymen to wear away. There are even some ladies that are born without hymens. For young men or unmarried males, it is difficult to ascertain if he is a virgin or not. It is also true, though saddening that some ladies and young men have lost their virginity due to sexual assault which they were subjected to.
However, in spite of these exceptions, it has become worrisome that virginity or sexual chastity as you may call it, particularly amongst youths has become a trivial thing. A lot of youths today have seen virginity as a stigma that should be dealt away with. Some advocates for the fact that virginity is not important argue that virginity is not a guarantee of good character. Some even argue that one’s husband being the first to deflower you does no guarantee that he is not going to cheat. However, do the forgoing reasons give us a license to be “dogs?” Do they give us a license to have no sense of morality? No!
Although many might disagree, a study showed that the chances of a husband cheating when he is the first to deflower is wife as very slim as compared to that of those who have been deflowered by different men before marriage.
In order not to be biased, young me have also thrown caution to the wind as they now sleep around at the slightest chance. The excuse they give is that they cannot wait till they get married and they are not particularly certain that the woman they would get married to has not been sampled by different men. However, is this a license to be a “dog?” Don’t you know that in the course of your sleeping around, you could contract diseases and viruses that you could pass on to other innocent women? You could also die as a result of this diseases that you would have contracted via sleeping around. While It is true that using protection can prevent you from contracting these diseases, it is also true that protection can fail and you would be in trouble. By then, would it not have been better if you had stayed chaste?
What has caused this loss of sexual chastity? The family is our first point of call. It is important to note that the family is one of the most important agents of socialization. Therefore, if there is a reduction in sexual chastity, it means that there has bee a defect in the foundation of such individuals as they have not been imbued with the necessary moral teachings that would enable them to be chaste. Although, there are some people that have been imbued with these moral teachings and have refused to adhere to them, most of the time, lack of sexual chastity can be traced to the failure of the family.
The society also shares a part in the blame for loss of sexual chastity. A society that does not count virginity as important will certainly produce people who do not see virginity and sexual chastity as important.
At this juncture, it is therefore imperative that the society and the family come together to restore and uphold sexual chastity among people, particularly youths. What is this going to do> It is going to restore morality, sexual purity, reduce the rates of divorce and rid our society, to some extent of rape.

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