Trump delays tariff hikes on Chinese goods ahead of talks

This photo taken on February 22, 2018 shows a woman working at a textile factory in Haian in China's eastern Jiangsu province
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US President Donald Trump will delay a planned tariff hike on $250bn (£202.8bn) of Chinese goods as a “gesture of good will”.

In a tweet, Mr Trump said a 5% increase to duties scheduled for 1 October will be postponed for two weeks.

He said the delay had been requested by China, and also follows a move by Beijing to scrap some US tariffs.

It comes as the two sides prepare to hold fresh talks aimed at resolving their long-running trade dispute.

Last month, the US said it would increase the tariff rates on all Chinese goods, which included raising a 25% tax on $250bn of Chinese imports to 30%.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump said China’s Vice Premier Liu He had asked him to postpone the upcoming tariff increase from 1 October as the date coincided with the anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Earlier, China released a list of 16 US imports that will be exempted from tariffs including anti-cancer drugs and animal feed.

Significant US exports to China, like pork, soybeans and American-made cars, are among the goods that will still be hit by the hefty taxes.

Growing tensions

The world’s largest economies have been locked in a bruising trade fight for the past year that has hurt businesses and weighed on the global economy.

Tensions escalated in recent months and Washington said it would target all Chinese imports to the US with new duties by the end of the year.

Against that backdrop, both sides are preparing to return to the negotiating table.

Preliminary meetings are set to take place later this month in Washington before US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and trade representative Robert Lighthizer meet China’s Mr Liu in October.

Still, some analysts argue the latest gestures by the US and China have not brought a resolution to their trade row much closer.

“A broad settlement is not in sight,” Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute for International Economics said.

“Beijing is prepared for a continuation of tariffs and hostile rhetoric through 2020. And Trump cannot back down without getting a storm of criticism from the hawks, both Democrats and Republicans.”

On July 1st, 2019, a viral video broke the internet. All social media platforms in Nigeria went loose.
“Preposterous! How can the man beat a woman like that?” a lady commented on Twitter.
He must be punished! He should face the law.” Another person passed a comment on this video.

Both young and old, influential and the less privileged, the powerful social media influencers all spoke on this video. It sparked a furious outrage. In this viral video, released by Premium Times, a Nigerian Senator – Elisha Abbo, of the Adamawa North Constituency, was seen assaulting a pregnant woman in a sex toy shop.
At first, Senator Elisha Abbo denied the allegation raised against him (despite the glaring video proof against him). He was also supported by his wife who averred her husband’s stance, asserting that her husband can never beat a woman. The Police Force were reluctant to take steps concerning the matter. Nevertheless, due to the overbearing pressure from aggrieved and angry Nigerians, the FCT Police Command detained Senator Elisha. Afterwards, Mr Elisha has released a press statement apologising and the issue seems to have died, typical of buzzing issues in the country.

Fast forward to July 5th, it was reported that Mr Elisha Abbo has been granted a bail in the sum of 5 million Naira and two sureties in like sum. This decision, taken by the FCT Magistrate Court has attracted a lot of people to raise their brows.
“Na so them dey do. They go soon throw this matter under the bus” a user comments on the issue on Nairaland, a popular news forum.

While it may be safe to defend the court’s action on the standpoint that it is too early to give judgement on the matter, it is important to remember that this issue is happening in Nigeria. It would be trite to state that Nigeria is a country that is battling at corruption at all levels; especially at the governmental level. Thus, the judiciary system is not left out from this apparent rot. From the scandals at the apex of the judiciary including the case of Onoghen, to the popular corruption cases of Dasuki and the likes, which have been reportedly thrown under the carpet; the Nigerian judiciary can be said to be one that is unfair and corrupt.

Similar to past cases associated with the socialites in the country, the present issue with Mr Elisha is no different. At first, they are granted bail by the courts, afterwards, the case is unnecessarily adjourned and dragged till the general public loses interest. With this popular ritual by the Nigerian courts, it seems like the ‘woman beater senator’ might get away with the barbaric action he displayed three months earlier.
This case of Senator Elisha Abbo is one that may makes our judiciary truly the “last hope of common man”. However, this will be if the judges at the temple of justice act in line with the rightness of their conscience.

The issue of assault, especially that of a pregnant woman, is not an issue that should be treated with the levity that plays at our courts. This is not a time for anomaly if Nigeria truly wants change. This is the period for our judiciary to start cleansing the system, and reinstitute the spirit of fear in our crème la crème. If Senator Elisha Abbo gets to be another beneficiary of our flawed judicial system, the popular parlance that “the law na for poor man” will be strengthened.

The FCT Magistrate Court in Abuja has the ball in her temple of justice. She should dispense justice and make Senator Elisha Abbo a ‘scapegoat’ that would make other people in the corridor of power, accountable. Lately, the Nigerian people have been collectively raising their voices against injustice and they have been getting vindicated. This is a good development in our country, and the court in Elsiha’s case should foster this development.

Or would the Abuja FCT Magistrate Court let injustice prevail, and let Elisha Abbo become another beneficiary of our flawed judicial system?
The world is watching!



Hello Tobi. I’m Cynthia from Lagos. I have been reading your articles and I have an issue that has been bothering me. My husband rapes me every time. It first started one day when we had a disagreement and both of us yelled at each other and went to bed without talking to each other. Suddenly, he woke me up that night that he wanted to have sex with me. I declined because we had a disagreement earlier. Before I knew it, he had torn my dress and had his way with me. Ever since, he has been raping me at will. I have threatened to sue him to court but when I consulted with my lawyer, he told me that there was nothing he could do for me because there is no punishment for marital rape under the Nigerian law…

This was the message that I woke up to one day on my LinkedIn account. It is a known fact that marriage is a sacred institution. Asides this, it is the coming together of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. In this instance, the marriage might be held in the church, mosque or the traditional mean of marriage. In Nigeria, in particular, wedding days are celebrated with pomp and pageantry as all resources are put together to make the day a success. In fact, I’m sure that on the average, almost everyone reading this article has at one time or the other attended a wedding, right? You know how interesting weddings can be right?
However, beyond that elegant day, there is an issue that people, particularly women in marriages are having that they have not been able to speak about; rape. The pertinent question in this case is that can a man possibly rape his wife? Is it absolutely possible or right? Your answer is that it is absolutely impossible! Yes? With an open mind, let us unravel this pressing issue.
First, what is rape? According to part 5 section 357 of the criminal code 1990, rape is defined as;
Any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman or girl, without her consent, or with her consent, if the consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind, or by fear of harm, or by any means of false and fraudulent representation as to the nature of the act, or, in the case of a married woman by personating her husband, is guilty of an offence which is called rape.
Also, Section 6 of the Criminal Code defines unlawful carnal knowledge as;
That which takes place otherwise than between husband and wife; and that offence is complete upon penetration
Based on these provisions, is a man supposed to rape his wife? No!
However, in reality as in Cynthia’s case, has she been continually raped by her husband? Yes! At this point, it is then pertinent to view how the society views marital rape? How would you react if someone walked up to you and told you that her husband has been raping her? You’d be amazed right? In fact, you’d possibly disbelief her! However, these things happen in our society. In our society of today, there are lots of women out there whose husbands have turned to beasts who have carnal knowledge of them at will. In fact, in some cases, there have been instances of husbands who have raped their wives to death! Unbelievable right? Well, yes, it’s been happening.
In our society, women are regarded as the weaker gender and it is believed that a woman should satisfy the sexual overtures of her husband. However, what then happens when women like Cynthia get raped continually by their husbands? What are the effects is has on women like these?
Psychologically, such women have a tendency of feeling depressed as they are reduced to more like sex slaves. When a man rapes his wife, he makes her no different than a whore who hawks her virtues for money.
If a woman is raped by her husband, it kills her sense of self-esteem as she feels that she is not important in the institution of the home. In fact, in extreme cases, such women might feel there is no reason to live as therefore commit suicide! Very sad!
For women like Cynthia, what should she do when the laws do not provide punitive measures for a husband that rapes his wife? Should she continue to die in silence? No! If women like Cynthia continue to live is silence, there is a high likelihood for her to commit suicide from her resulting depression.
What then can be done? It is important that serious punitive measures be put in place to punish men that rape their wives. I mean, a man who can rape his wife is an animal and should be kept within the confines of a prison to reform him. Such should not be living amongst humans.
Not only that! The society at large has to be sensitized about the fact that there are women who are being raped by their husbands, it is animalistic and that it should be kicked against totally. Also, male children should be sensitized early on the fact that their wives are not their sex slaves and consent is needed to have sex with their wives.
I conclude with this proverb; If we do not warn out friend who is overeating to stop, his incessant stooling will not allow one to sleep at night. THINK ABOUT IT!

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