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Do the almost dead really see the dead?

Do the almost dead really see the dead? The question has been asked many times over the past ears with no sufficient answer seeing as no one has been there and came back to tell the tale. The tale has always been told many times of people who have been sic for a long time and seemingly losing hope of dying but suddenly develop a keen sense of eating and chatting animatedly that they have otherwise been incapable of, their relatives upon seeing the joyous mood of the patient(s) succumb to their every will and ask numerous questions which lead to the question about how valid these patients are about what they claim to see. Their overzealous relatives either shut them down or deny the existence of this theory since they conclude it will ultimately bring about the death of the patients or they in fear of their patients lives cry silently and await the inevitable. Scientists have tried to explain this phenomenon by suggesting near death experience as an answer which is the half truth as much as the writer knows, this myth as people would like to term it, is and has always been the truth but some would say it is just our imaginations running wild or it is rooted in our traditional beliefs but the writer would like the readers to be the judge.

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