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Dream Chasers part five

Being humans, learning from our mistakes is what differentiates us from other creatures; we have been given the ability by the maker to know what we did wrong the first time to act as a guiding light for later actions in the future, we are different in this regards since we know through the scars that those decisions gave us that we are very much likely to be scarred again. This was not the case in our small community otherwise known as family. We have been given the ability by the maker to grow old as we move forward in our everyday lives so as to keep the planet replenished and not as humans also not to overstay our welcome. I had grown up and now it was time to choose which craft I wanted to major in, was it the good old science, the ageless art, or the efficient commercial, I had these three options right in from of me and it was obvious what I would choose but my dad had other ideas, he was totally against my decision making, he knew what was right for me and chose for me, he wanted me to be a doctor.

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