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Dream chaser chapter six

My dad’s friend had on one occasion gone through the trouble after more than one drink of the good old alcohol of telling my dad in front of my mum, and siblings but behind me since I was already lost in reading a very entertaining book that the manuscript he took away from my dad the other day was what he used for the completion of his new house and for the recent Easter celebrations. Everybody except me had all but forgotten about the issue then and was shocked to hear this, to cut the long story short, their friendship ended after that bottle since, respecting what he called the law of drinking, ‘always finish the shared bottle, my dad saw to it that they finished the bottle of wine before calmly telling his friend he longer wanted his friendship, that was the end of their friendship and we never heard from him again until later when we saw his obituary poster years later, published by the same publisher who had been his accomplice in the act years prior.

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