Dream Chaser part eight


Ever remember when you were still in secondary or primary school and have that one teacher who always seems to be our parents’ favorite or worse, the one who has been tasked with mending you and applying force when necessary to make sure you stay in line. This was the type of teacher miss prim was, she was my class teacher as well as my parents’ informant and also doubled as my girlfriend’s aunt. I was in a fix knowing I was entangled in a web I couldn’t possibly get out of. I was always counting on the off chance that I would be lucky and she would turn a blind eye to this shortcoming turned out she was not blind in fact, she could see clearly and her eyesight was even more aided by the magnifying glasses she always wore, I think she also wears it to sleep since you could see its lines on her face whenever she wanted to perform the habitual ritual of cleaning it off, can’t remember her ailment any longer but I knew throughout my stay in that institution, she was always with her glasses and only changed it once when she needed a new pair. What also aided her eyesight was the fact that she took offense when I called it quits with her niece, I wouldn’t bore you with the details but the young mind of mine then had already seen someone else I found amusing, funny and unpredictable, isn’t that what we all want, to have that person who always keeps you on your toes.

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September 2019