Dream Chaser Chapter Nine


Her aunt obviously took offense at my way of thinking and before I could say jack, I was being bundled Monday morning to my physics class by no one other than my irate dad who classified it  the highest form of betrayal my refusal to follow his instructions, some of my classmates then found it amusing and tease me to this day about it, a small percentage found it highly commendable that my dad was involved in my education since theirs were nonexistent or were too busy to be interested in what their children did, while the smallest percentage 1% to be precise me, found it the most embarrassing day of my schooling days but one. The second most embarrassing day was when I was being interviewed by some of my teachers for a prefect post but I let slip a grammar they couldn’t understand and was poked with fun for it up until my graduating day from secondary school. They did it to the extent that I was named after the grammar.

A funeral service would be held on my behalf and while I loved the tributes and all the weeping which made me more important than I could ever be, I felt sad at my mum’s vacant eyes, my dad’s hollow condition which made him older than he ever was, my girlfriend pregnant state, and lastly my lifeless body staring up at me. The doctor said it was death upon impact, I beg to differ, it was the impact that caused the death. Adieu

Lying, Cheating and Stealing (Which is better?)


            The above indicates the deplorable state of our human morals or whatever we may wish to call it; it depicts the state our humanity has delved into with the no-holds-barred (more…)

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