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Dream chaser part eleven

Life has a funny way of throwing jig puzzles in our ways whenever we set ourselves to do something worthwhile with our lives and that was the dilemma I found myself in. You see, they tell us to always be ready to adapt to different situations both home and abroad, to know how to improvise when things got tough, to know when to either run or pick up a fight, I was well versed in all the pep talks but was incorrigibly naive when it came down to being practical. By now I had thought, ‘let me just go through this phase and begin my own phase’, I never knew the phase was just a cover for sub phases, more than I could see and was by all means going to determine what I was going to become later in life. One of them was m inability to get a stable girlfriend. You see, when you have a plain board that has just been covered with a coat of dark paint, there are no marks that determine how many scars it had gotten, everything is well hidden, here, I was the board and the yet to be revealed phases were one of the scars that would determine how ugly or beautiful m heart would become. Because I couldn’t get a stable girlfriend like my peers, my concentration level dropped, strike one, out!

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