Dream chaser part twelve


I was struggling with the fact that I couldn’t do what others were doing and was always cooking up new ways to woo girls who wouldn’t ordinarily fall for my charms and as such lost ample time that should have been spent on studying, in short doing what I was on campus for, but I didn’t. It was what clouded m mind all through my first year and when I could finally overcome it, I had two extra course loads to carry alongside my new girlfriend’s load and had to drop one since I had just two hands, two legs, and two eyes, even my brain was partitioned in two. She had to go, it pained me to admit but I had to let her go. While trying to overcome what I naturally came to school for, I fell into the next phase- masturbation. Strike two, out!

I was supposed to be in school for one purpose only which was to study but these phases keep coming up which in turn became my downfall from the high top I had envisaged for me. I was too high up to remember the steep slopes I had had to climb to get where I was in the first place and as such thought, it was just a matter of time before I knew that sliding from the top was easier than hiking up. The phase that took me the longest to pass was this addiction phase, I had tasted sex and knew the thrill it brought, I knew what it was to be spent in a good way, satiated and satisfied and to hold onto that moment without having that girl that incessantly disturbs my much-needed sleep asking for money to buy this and that, while promising sex, I found another way. It was not the most pretty but it at east got me away from the girls. How wrong was I, stupid even?

Listen carefully my good friends,

He never needed a Miracle just time,

they never agreed they were just fine.

He agreed since he wouldn’t have to work for free sex,

they thought they were in love with him,

they always thought they were alone owning him,

while he was busy having fun.

Days past, it became known twas not a mender but menders,

the jury had to call it a case,

call it betrayal, slander, or even murder.

The plaintiff argued,

called it mutual understanding.

The defendant was quick to point out,

evidence was submitted, arguments were tendered,

but the by-standing judge had been there all along,

he ruled out the case and pointed out claim doesn’t make someone yours.

Do they really confess they want to base their life on you?

Now you see my good friends, never commit to a relationship if you’re not sure of your other half’s mind.

Peace Mayowa- Stephblog writer
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September 2019