Masturbation amongst students; an advantage or a necessary evil?


Masturbation is a sin, that’s how we know it and have been told so. The issue with it is the fact that almost eighty percent of youths and young adults indulge in it. The way most people address this topic is the issue here, they stigmatize whoever they know have this weakness and apart from assaulting their integrity whenever they could, they fail to understand that it is beyond the victims capability to stop this act they have cultivated over time.
The issue here is not the fact that they cannot change this behavior, it is just that they have imbibed this habit to the extent that stopping them is not as easy as starting them. There is the fact that they easily have access to what will trigger this habit, ranging from smart devices to laptops to easily accessible access to the internet where loads of pornographic images and videos await them even when they are not directly accessing them, they also fall prey when ads featuring these graphic details are displayed.
Being a culprit of this habit also has causes ranging from loneliness to the feeling of being left out when as a youth, you find out your peers are indulging in sex and always remark how incredible it feels. Some people who fall in this category also claim they are right to indulge and they are probably right, they don’t want to have indiscriminate sex with the opposite sex and as such, they see gratify themselves as the best option which will at the very least protect them from sexually transmitted diseases and such.
The end game here is not the fact that we accept masturbation as a good activity; the community has done justice to that, we are merely pointing to the injustice behind not knowing the reason behind it.

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September 2019