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Dream Chaser part thirteen

I was supposed to be in school for one purpose only which was to study but these phases keep coming up which in turn became my downfall from the high top I had envisaged for me. I was too high up to remember the steep slopes I had had to climb to get where I was in the first place and as such thought, it was just a matter of time before I knew that sliding from the top was easier than hiking up. The phase that took me the longest to pass was this addiction phase, I had tasted sex and knew the thrill it brought, I knew what it was to be spent in a good way, satiated and satisfied and to hold onto that moment without having that girl that incessantly disturbs my much-needed sleep asking for money to buy this and that, while promising sex, I found another way. It was not the most pretty but it at east got me away from the girls. How wrong was I, stupid even?

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