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Thomas Cook worker: ‘I’ve been thrown under a bus’

Married couple Hayley and Dan lost their Thomas Cook jobs
Married couple Hayley and Dan fear financial problems after both losing their Thomas Cook jobs

Thomas Cook staff say they have been stranded overseas and fear they will not receive thousands of pounds in wages, following the collapse of the world’s oldest tour operator.

Mr Crighton, from Cheshire, fears he will not be paid his £12,000 salary for this month, saying “it won’t be coming any time soon.”

He said: “I worked pretty much everyday for a month for nothing. I am probably one of the lucky ones because my wife is in full time employment and I could pay my side of the mortgage for six months.

“The human effect of this is outrageous…the small people are going to be the ones that are really struggling.

“The first people to get paid should be the staff.”

He said he fears it will now be a “bun fight” to get another pilot’s role, and may have to factor work abroad into his job search – though he says he needs Thomas Cook to sign his pilot’s licence and flying hours for him to do this.

He added that some of his fellow crews were still stranded overseas, including one in Las Vegas, and were facing eye-watering prices for seats to fly home on another airline.

The crew in Las Vegas have now been given free flights home by another airline, he said.

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